Adroit Overseas is a high growth company who is always open to explore more opportunities when it comes to business. We make 5 years strategic plan at the beginning of every 5 years span to set goal for ourself and decide the company’s vision and strategy for next 5 years.

First 5 years plan (2011-2015):

Key area - Market Development, Geographical Expansion & Brand Recognition
First 5 years since 2010 was a great journey laying out foundation of our company and established us as known company in the Agri commodity industry. Since it’s inception, company has grown significantly and expanded into 5 continents. Human Resource is the key factor in our growth. In our 1st 5 years plan we have focused on developing our team. We strongly believe in investing in growth of our team as we can grow only if our team grows in the all area of work.

Second 5 years plan (2016-2020):

Key area - Geographical Expansion, Product Line Expansion, Investment in value chain assets
we have target to invest in all level of supply chain to do backward and forward integration which will help us to become more independent to procure products directly with farmers and sell directly to wholesellers and local buyers. 2nd 5 years planning involve buying/ building processing plants in all continents where we have our presence. This will help us to establish ourself into deep routes of supply chain. Most important thing we are ensuring while investing is that we are able to justify the investment without over investing. To ensure this we are investing in sourcing ( origin ) countries as well as marketing ( Destination ) countries in all different continents basis countries products volume and demand of those in different markets. We have already invested about $4 million until 2017 among Argentina , Canada and Singapore. We will be also adding some of the industrial products to company’s portfolio to create more diversified product port folio.

Current Investment Structure :

Adroit Overseas is 100 % owned by its founders without any external non-banking debt, financing and investment. Adroit will open its door for external investors in the 3rd 5 years planning starting 2021. Stay tuned for more updates. And write to us at [email protected] to know more about next plan.

Cheers!!! From Founders & Management